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House of Prayer

The St. Thomas More House of Prayer is dedicated to the mission of praying and promoting the Liturgy of the Hours. A day in the House is structured around the canonical Hours. It began with one couple who opened their own home to other couples to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Since the eve of the Jubilee Year 2000, it has expanded to a retreat center and other apostolates. All guests are expected to schedule their activities so as to be able to join us in common prayer at the appointed Hours.

Questions?  Contact us by email at: or by phone at: 814-676-1910 or by cell at: 814-758-1020.

The Action of the Holy Spirit “The unity of the Church at prayer is brought about by the Holy Spirit, who is the same in Christ, in the whole Church, and in every baptized person.” General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours

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Have worries? Pray the Liturgy of the Hours: perfect prayer in Jesus for the good of all. “The Excellence of Christian prayer lies in this, that it shares in the very love of the only-begotten Son for the Father and in that prayer which the Son put into words in his earthly life and which still continues unceasingly in the name of the whole human race and for its salvation, throughout the universal Church and in all its members.” GILOTH

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Christ’s Prayer Continued by the Church… “God could give no greater gift to mankind than to give them as their head the Word through whom he created all things, and to unite them to him as his members, so that he might be Son of God and Son of man, one God with the Father, one man with men. So, when we speak to God in prayer we do not separate the Son from God, and when the body of the Son prays it does not separate its head from itself, but it is the one savior of his body, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God who himself prays for us, and prays in us, and is the object of our prayer. He prays for us as our priest, he prays in us as our head, he is the object of our prayer as our God.” St. Augustine quoted in the GILOTH

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“The priesthood of Christ is also shared by the whole body of the Church, so that the baptized are consecrated as a spiritual temple and holy priesthood through the re-birth of baptism and the anointing by the Holy Spirit, and become able to offer the worship of the New Covenant, a worship that derives, not from our own powers but from the merit and gift of Christ.”

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“There is a special bond between Christ and those who he makes members of his body, the Church, through the sacrament of rebirth. Thus, from the head all the riches that belong to the Son flow throughout the whole body: the fellowship of his divine sonship manifested in all his prayer when he dwelt among us.” GILOTH

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