Want to check availability or book a retreat quickly? Those traveling and in need of a place to pray and rest for the night are most welcome.

Email Carrie at info@liturgyofthehours.org or call 814-676-1910

Suggested Donations

Group Retreats:

Day Retreat Group: $50

Day Retreat Meal Costs (available for groups of 10 or more):

Breakfast $5 per person

Lunch $8 per person

Dinner $12 per person

Overnight Retreats for Groups (meal service for groups of 10 or more):

1 Night Retreat with 3 meals: $95 per person

1 Night Retreat without meals: $50 per person

2 Night Retreat with 6 meals: $180 per person

2 Night Retreat without meals: $95 per person

*For more or fewer meals, add or subtract using the per meal cost for your custom price.

*The second person in an immediate family staying in the same room is half price.

*Family, extended stay and large group discounts available.


Individual Retreats

Day retreats – no charge

Overnight, single – $50 per night, $200 per week

Overnight, couple or family – $75 per night, $300 per week

Priests – no charge

* meal service not available for individual retreats

Don’t forget to ask for your complimentary copy of Night Prayer or Sunday Evening Prayer included with your overnight stay. These are great “beginner guides”.  Email or call us to find out how you can get free prayer books for your parish or group or to get a prayer book by donation.