Our goal is to provide a quiet atmosphere for prayer, in particular to pray and teach the public, communal prayer of the Catholic Church: the Liturgy of the Hours. To that end, the St. Thomas More House of Prayer is open to the public from 5:30am to 8:30pm and can be booked by individuals or groups for retreats of any length.

Although we offer a few retreats and other events every year (see house retreats and special events), we are primarily a “bring your own retreat” facility. Keep in mind that praying the Liturgy of the Hours through the day is a retreat in itself!

Want to check availability or book a retreat quickly?
Email or call Carrie at info@liturgyofthehours.org or 814-676-1910, 814-758-1020


Those traveling and in need of a place to pray and rest for the night are most welcome.

Day Retreat Group Cost: $50
Day Retreat Meal Costs (available for groups of 10 or more):
Breakfast $5 per person
Lunch $8 per person
Dinner $12 per person

Overnight retreats for groups (meal service for groups of 10 or more):
1 Night Retreat with 3 meals: $95 per person
1 Night Retreat without meals: $50 per person
2 Night Retreat with 6 meals: $180 per person
2 Night Retreat without meals: $95 per person

*For more or fewer meals, add or subtract using the per meal cost for your custom price.
*The second person in an immediate family staying in the same room is half price.
*Family, extended stay and large group discounts available.

Day retreats – no charge
Overnight, single – $50 per night, $200 per week
Overnight, couple or family – $75 per night, 200 per week
Priests – no charge

* meal service not available for individual retreats